• Born 30 May 1841, Airdrie, Scotland

Grace Gordon Alexander was born on 30 May 1841 at Airdrie, Scotland. She immigrated to Australia on the vessel Europa sailing from Liverpool in 1852 and arriving 90 days later. Grace Gordon Alexander married William Brewster, whose occupation was a farmer, on 4 March 1862. Her daughter, Mary W. Brewster, recorded that “Mrs Brewster saw Ballarat develop from a collection of tents to the beautiful city where she still lives”.

Grace and William had the follow issue at Learmonth: William b. 1865; unnamed male b. 1866 (George died 1867 aged one year); Cecilia Eliz. B. 1868; Grace Gordon b. 1869 (died 1898 aged 27 years at Warrnambool); Agnes Margaret b. 1871; John b. 1872 (died 1878 aged 6 years); George Peter b. 1873 (died 1878 aged four years); Ann Janet b. 1875; Elizabeth Philadelphia b. 1878; David Robert b. 1880; Ernest Alec b. 1883; and Mary Winton b. 1886.