A child, Janet Alexander drowned in a hole full of water.


Unit 23

Item 67

Janet Alexander 


John Reid

Thomas Hugh Steinfield

John Anderson 

Willaim Kemble Cornell

Willaim Robert Mitchell

Thomas Swinnerton

John William Smith

William Handasyde

Thomas Forsayth

Robert Sleeth, 

James Logan

James Alexander all of Pennyweight Hill

Witness Sarah Magin

I sent out my little girl yesterday (July 18) for water she came running back to me and said there was a man in the hole. I ran down as quick as I could but could see nothing except some cloths black in colour in the water. There was a man crossing the creek just at the time, I asked him to come and look in the hole as I thought there was someone in it perhaps the life might be saved. There was a lot of foam on the top of the water which prevented us seeing much but I could recognise a bit of hair. Which appeared to be that of a Christian, the man took the deceased out of the hole just by the back, he put her on the bank she appeared to be quite dead. 

Sarah Magin xxx her mark 

Witness Francis Oxley

Witness Elizabeth Alexander Pennyweight Hill 

Yesterday Jul 18 between 12 an d 1 o’clock at noon deceased went out to where she usually went to play with other children in the neighbourhood and had to cross a creek where there are a good number of gold holes. The 1st I heard was a little girl running in to see if all my little children were at home for there was a little girl in a gold hole being drowned. I know deceased was absent longer than usual and therefore felt alarmed at her absence. I asked her sister where she was, she said she was with Kitty. I concluded that it was deceased who was drowned. I called for assistance requesting for someone to go for a doctor. Dr Holthouse came and found all attempts of resuscitation ineffective. 

Q by juryman  How long was it before you heard of it after the deceased left your tent to play?

A Better than half and hour. 

Eliz Alexander xxx her mark.