• Born c1824, Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Died 24 October 1893 Victoria

Ellen/Helen Gillespie was born to John Gillespie and Janet Gray around 1824 in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Ellen (Gillespy) (1824-1893) married Joseph Alman/Almen (1829-1889) in Ballarat in March 1854. She was aged 29 years, a native of Aberdeen, Scotland and Joseph Daniel Alman was a 28 year old from Peru. He described himself as a miner. Their daughter Josephina Alman was born on 30 March 1855. Dr Sickler attended the birth. Ellen signed the birth certificate with an ‘X’ showing that she was illiterate.

Ellen departed the United Kingdom on 5 October 1840 having been convicted in Aberdeen. She arrived in Tasmania per the Navarino in 1841. Her first marriage was on 15 March 1845 to Frederick Bond in Hobart, Tasmania. A child Rivhard Frederick Bond was born in 1846. Her second marriage was to Joseph Allan and her third marriage was to Mark Wise (1830-1897) in 1860 in Buninyong, Victoria.

Josephine (Alamans), the daughter of Ellen and Joseph Alman married Frederick Albert Daniel Robinson in Ballarat on 31 May 1876. Josephine died on 20 September 1936 in Ballarat.

Birth Certificate 4347, 1855;