• Born c1824 Gloucester, England

Emma (Williams), born around 1824 at Gloucester, England, was in Ballarat during the Eureka Rebellion with her carpenter husband, John Amies, and eighteen-month-old daughter Elizabeth Amies, who was born on 6 June 1853 at Shropshire, England. Another unnamed female was born to the couple in 1854 at Ballarat. The family lived in a tent inside the Eureka Stockade. Shots were fired at the tent when a candle was lit during a curfew. Sandbags were then packed against the walls of the tent to protect the baby. Their daughter Emma Amies was born in Ballarat in 1857. John Amies died aged 31 years on 9 August 1858 and was buried in the Ballaarat Old Cemetery in Grave F1 19R1. At this time he was a carpenter and the family lived in Raglan Street, Ballarat. The daughter of Emma Williams and John Amies, Elizabeth, married Joseph Benjamin at the Church of England, Buninyong on 5 November 1871. The following was published in the Ballarat Courier before her death: “Mrs J. Benjamin 12 Eddy Street writes: – I have read in Saturday’s Courier that Mrs Jones of Burnbank Street says that she was born in 1853 and was 11 months old at the time of the riot. I was born in June 1853 and was 18 months old at the time of the riot, so I think I can claim to be the oldest female born in Ballarat. I have lived here continuously all my life.” Elizabeth the daughter of Emma and John Amies died on 8 September 1934 aged 81 at 12 Eddy Street, Ballarat. Alice Catherine, possibly another daughter, married John Splatt in Ballarat in 1880. In the same year Emma Jane Amies married Joseph Anthony in Ballarat. The grave of Emma, the wife of John Amies, was not found in either the Ballaarat Old or New Cemeteries.