VPRS 24 / Box 24

Forest Creek on Susan Bond on 29 Sep 1854 – found in the a tent burnt to death.

There were no signs of violence – Henry Howlett Coroner


Dennis Rowan

Frances Hall, Austin Folwell

Martin Ennor

Alfred Hennington

Henry Avery

William Hay

James Richardson

Hugh P Jenkins

Peter Roscrow

John Young

Richard Webb

Witness – William Bond Forest Creek  Gold Digger residing at Forest Creek. Was working well when his neighbour told him his wife was burnt to death

Witness Leslie John Walker of Forest Creek Gold digger living at Forest Creek. 

“… I have known the deceased the last 3 months, having occasionally gone into her store, and what I have seen of her she was well conducted and quietly disposed woman – and apparently living, as far as I know, on good terms with her neighbours. When I found her she was in a kneeling position, with her head on the ground, and flames underneath her