This name is variously spelt DAW and DORR on the Inquest Index.


Unit 37

Item 35


JOHANNA DOW (Daw and Dorr on Inquest index)

15 March 1856

Death from natural causes


Matthew Hardy

Stephen Jose

James Hunt

Clement Frances Pope

John Brittin

Thomas Howell

Walter Browne

Henry Palmer

John Bevan

James Deavis

William Hemal

William Preson

Her death was accidental by being drowned in a water hole on Sat the fifteenth inst at Little Bendigo, Ballarat

Witness Helen Dow

The deceased was quite well this morning and had her breakfast. I last saw the deceased playing about the water hole which is near my tent. And I first missed her about half past eight o’clock am and immediately went in search of her for about a quarter of an hour and on my return I heard that the deceased had been found in the water hole and she then appeared quite dead. There was another child playing with the deceased when I last saw her alive of about the same age two years old. I am the mother of the deceased who was two years old.

Witness Emma Browne

At about half past eight o’clock am this day the last witness, Mrs Dow came to my tent enquiring if I had seen her child the deceased. I said that I had not seen her and I went out instantly to help her in search of deceased. I first went and searched Mrs Dow’s own tent. I then went to the water holes. In one of which I saw the arm of the deceased above the water in the hole and AI then called our neighbours Mrs Walker and Mrs Stevens to help me lift the deceased out of the hole and we then brought he body which appeared quite dead into my tent where there was a good fire and every measure in our powers were used to resuscitate it but all in vain. AI also sent for a doctor to Dr Sewell at the “Native Youth” hut. He said that he was unable to leave his place.