Dinah Davis was a witness to the inquest of this child.


Unit 38

Item 151

Jane Elizabeth Tait

31 Oct 1856

Inquest on the body of Jane Elizabeth Tait

Injury to the brain on 31st from the wheel of a dray having accidentally passed over her head on Wednesday

Robert Fawcett


On Wednesday last about four o’clock pm I was standing at the door of Mr Barnett’s house on the Eureka road. I heard a cry and in looking saw the deceased lying on the ground and the wheel of a dray just about going over the head of the deceased. The driver of the dray … made every possible exertion to pull in his horse and prevent the accident. The dray was not loaded and was going slowly at the time. I saw the deceased taken up by a woman and carried to her parent’s tent and she lived until this morning. I hear that she died about eight o’clock am that day. 

Robert Fawcett

Dinah Davis

31 Oct

On Wed last about 4 o’clock pm I head some person calling out to mind the child and on looking I saw a drayman pulling up his horse and the deceased was running as if staggering towards the dray and she was knocked down and the wheel of the dray etc. 

Dinah Davis xxx her mark

Samuel Chaplin

Licentiate of apothecaries of London