Unit 38

Item 153

Catherine Kavanagh

Browns Diggings Sept 1856

Cause of Death

Injuries received by a tree having accidentally fallen on her


George Hamilton

Thomas Paterson

John Miller

John Hope

William Holland

Arthur Mayne

George Warner

Philip Holden

Jas Malcolm

Augustine Creuzk

Henry Winfield

Thomas Saunders

Martin Kavanagh

Brown’s Diggings



She was aged about 37. Went to work Thurs morning leaving her quite well. A boy was sent to inform him and he heard about midday returned home immediately and found her lying in her own tent quite dead.

Witness – Margaret Dunnett x

Knew the deceased by sight for about last 6 months. In opposite tent 60 yards distant heard her own dog bark about 10.30 am and went out to see what he barked out. The tree was at the doorway of the deceased tent and she saw the deceased under it. She went over it immediately and there were 2 men there before her who extricated he and carried her into her tent. She did not speak at all but she seemed quite sensible. I remained with her until she died which was about 30 mins after accident.

I saw the tree standing that morning. I did not see her felling the tree but I heard several persons say that she did fell the tree


William Scarf storekeeper

At door of own tent when ‘I heard the tree at the deceased tent falling. I then … She was in a pool of blood.