VPRS 24/P0

Unit 37

Item 40


Eliza Ethersay

22 March 1856

Death from natural causes

Death caused by puerperal peritonitis arising from the chronic disease of the uterus of long standing and protracted labour and we consider that there is not any blame to be attributed to the medical attendants and her death took place on Frid 21 inst


Joseph Charles Byrne

James McKissock

Francis Turner

Joseph Holmes

John O’Brien

Joshua Ware

Stephen Lingham

Alexander McKewric

Alfred Ronald

Frederick Taylor

Williakm Lloyd

AJoseph Corp

Witness: Edward Duffin Allison

Medical practitioner


Ottoman Lenser?

24 March 1856

I am not a qualified medical practitioner in this colony. I am a doctor of Medicine of the University of Berlin. And am practicing my profession in this colony for upwards of two years. I was engaged to attend upon the deceased in her expected confinement some weeks ago and was called to attend her on Wed the 12th inst. I found very slight labour pains then on her and I heard that the waters had broken that morning. An examination of os uteri I found it hard rugged and fissured

Description of birth material.

James Sutherland MD

Post Mortem found a string of abscesses between something and something of the bowels. 

Gangrene of the intestines