Box 30 

Item 107

Catherine Fletcher 

Aged 5 years 1855 Ballarat 

Inquest held on 10 Nov 1855


John Irwin 

William Monteath

William John Arnold

William McBurney

Henry Dimond

Thomas Santhey x

Alexander McCrae

Henry Colquhoun

John George

Thomas Friedrich Wiskins

Christopher Thomas Howe

James Patterson Rotterdam x Al of Ballarat


William Fletcher

I am the father of the deceased but I left her at home in mu tent as I usually and frequently did before. About 10 o’clock am on the 7th inst ……. I returned home about an hour after the last witness Daniel Carey and I saw my wife and him over the body of the child who was quite dead. Lying outside the tent where Daniel Carey had found it with a rug thrown over it.

Witness Daniel Carey

On 7th inst about 4 o’clock pm I returned home form looking after a hors which I drove into the stockyard and there saw a smoke of a fire within about five yards of our tent I ran and on examining it I found the body of the deceased lying in the belly quite dead and much of the body was charred. On examining the tent with Robert Cane of the Lucky Hole Hotel we could not find anything burned in the tent nor any source of fire but about a shovel full of fire in fireplace. We found some of the clothes of deceased burned nearly to a cinder at the threshold of door outside. I left the child in the tent quite well about 2 o’clock am. The mother of the deceased had left the tent about an hour previous to me to sell her milk.