Unit 38


Mary Harriet Fox

28 July 1856

Inquest held at Ballarat on the body of Mary Harriet Fox

Before George Clendinning Coroner


George Humphrey

Edward Madigan

John Meldrum??

William Rudolph

Thomas Stemper

Augustus Frederick Matow??

Joseph Huddart

Isaac Abrahams

George Blackburn

Francis Brophy

George William Darling

Graham Carrick

Natural causes – death from seizure from convulsions contingent on debility from birth

Deposition of Witness

Caroline Ann Fox

28 July Ballarat 1856

I am the mother of the deceased who was aged about three weeks. The deceased has been since her birth a weakly child and subject to slight convulsive attacks. I was sitting up all last night with the child in my arms and about five o clock am I felt the deceased lying heavier on my arm than usual as I thought. When I struck a light and examined the child I thought it was dead and called up the servant and made ready a warm bath in which the deceased was put but it did have any effect in reviving the child. I have had three other children who all died from convulsions.

Caroline Ann Fox

Deposition of Witness 

Elizabeth Markill

Maybe Maskale??

I attended upon Mrs Fox at her confinement about three weeks ago when the deceased was born, who was a weakly child not having the cry or noise of a healthy child. I attended upon the deceased for a full fortnight after its birth. I dressed and undressed the child and duly?? And always at those times the deceased was attached with a slightly convulsive fit which would last some time or three minutes. I cannot say if the deceased had more attacks ?? as she was generally living with her mother and I ceased my attendance on the deceased last Tuesday night and I saw her last Saturday again outside not ?? any difference in the deceased. I did remark that the deceased did not such as much or as strength as she should have done. I was always of the opinion since the birth of the deceased that she would not live lone

Elizabeth McKell or McKall or McBall