Bridget Holland was a witness to the inquest. She lived at Eureka in 1854.


VPRS 24/P0

Unit 23 1854/48

Item 48

Ellen Bell

13 May 1854

Inquest held at Eureka Ballarat on the body of Ellen Bell

Death in a natural way


Thomas Smith 

Richard Laney

John Thompson

James Hodges

Isaac Read

Donald McDonald x

John Long

James Doran

William Morison

James Bush X

James Ryan

Frances Osley  all good and lawful men of Eureka 

John McAuliffe

About 12 o’clock yesterday May 29 I was going to Ballarat when I came within about 20 yards of this tent I saw deceased lying in front of the door flat on her face. I came up and spoke to her but found she was dead. I immediately gave the alarm to the neighbours

Q by Coroner Did you ever see the deceased labouring under the effects of drink?

Ans I have seen her occasionally the worse for liquor

John Mcauliffe

Bridget Holland

Of Eureka 30th May 1854

Deceased was a shipmate of mine. I saw deceased in a fit down at my place I which she was totally senseless. It lasted ten minutes

Bridget Holland xxx her mark