Mother of the deceased child on whom the inquest was performed.


VPRS 24 / Box 24, Unit 12

Jan 6 1855

Enquiry held at Forest Creek on the body of Edwin Joynes – accidental death by being burnt at Forest Creek on Fri 5th inst


John Hocking

John Hocking

Jacob Battams

Edmund Molony

Thomas Henry Church

Edmund Carew

John Battams

Francis Nicholls

Henry Honey Church

John Kent

William Bannister  All of Forest Ck

Witness Ann Joynes – wife

I am the wife of Thomas Joynes gold digger of Forest Creek and I am mother of the deceased child …

Witness Thomas Daly of Forest Creek

I am a gold-digger residing at Forest Creek …

Witness Thomas B Hopkins

I am a duly qualified medical practitioner residing at Forest Creek …