Inquest Number 19 at Ballarat on Marie Maximilienne  Monichon on 2 Feb 1857

Held at the Imperial Hotel

Coroner George Clendenning



John Churchill

Elijah Clay

August Bourery

John Hawthorne

Robert Murdock

John Miller

Jacob suint

James Masters

George Manton

William starr

Jahn Watson

Robert Churchill all lawful man of Victoria


Her death took place on first inst and was caused by being accidently drowned in a water hole yesterday.

Examination of Patrick Madigan carpenter of Ballarat …

I was returning from Warrenheip last afternoon about four o’clock – and I saw the deceased near the Brick yard about 30 yards from her tent – I assured the child to come home and at same time I saw and spoke to her mother who was spreading out clothes at the time – she replied to me that the baby was coming – I then went into my own tent and about 15 or 20 mins after I hear the mother screaming that her child was drowned and on coming out and going into the mother’s tent I saw the deceased lying on the bed appearing quite dead. I medical man was sent for (Dr Carr) who stated that the deceased was quite dead also. 

D. Madigan.

Examination of Auguste Molinet miner of Ballarfat

Yesterday afternoon about four o’clock I was working in the tent of the mother of the deceased – who was about changing the clothes of the deceased  – she asked me to go for the girl and bring her in the tent – I then went out and looked about every place and could not find the child – I then went in and told her mother so – mother then came out with me to look for the deceased – when we could not find her I said perhaps some friends took her away – but she said not – I then said she mightt be in the hole which was within a few yards of the tent – I took a stick and tried the hole and after several attempts I found the deceased at the bottom of the hole – which was about 5 feet deep – I lifted up the deceased and I gave her to another person who carried he into the tent. The deceased appeared quite dead and must have been at least  10 minutes in the Water hole

Auguste Molinet