Clara was a witness to the inquest of Esther Potts.

Esther Potts, a child who died after her mother had been knocked down by William Bowman.

10 Jan 1854

Inquisition taken at Ballaarat on the body of Esther Potts

Death in a natural way


Charles Cole

Lipman Menser

John Quarell

Francis Henry Walsh

John Stewart

Edward Tyler

Robert Cusack

George Smith

Willaim Morgan

Lucas Wadsley

Peter Dunn

George Mountford

Deposition of Witness

Mary Ann Potts

The child was taken very ill first on last Friday Jan 5th on the day previous William Bowman came into my tent and knocked me down. I had the child in my arms at the time but kept the child from reaching the ground. On Sat last I went to Mr Holthouse with the child and after giving her a powder Mr Holthouse gave me I thought she was better and on finding she appeared to be very restless and I sat up until about 12 o’clock at night with her then I retired to bed with her. I got up during the night the child fell to sleep in my arms and I laid her down. And when I awoke in the morning she was dead.

Coroner. Was the child suffering from any illness before Thursday last

Ans She had been ill before that (by 2 – I think)

Did she meet with any accident in your fall to the ground?

Ans No

Mary ann Potts

Clara Nicholson

I come here on Sat and Mrs Potts said the child was very ill and she had a very restless night with it and said she thought it had the bowel complaint. I saw it several times after and it seemed no better.

Coroner Did you hear of Mrs Potts being assaulted?

Ans Yes, she told me she had been knocked down with the baby in her arms but that it was not hurt by the fall.

Clara Nicholson

Thomas LeGay Holthouse, In report said that baby had diarrhoea.


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Esther Potts