Elizabeth Perkins was a witness at the inquest of this child.



Unit 38


Mary Anne Louisa Fox

Inquest held at Canadian Gully on the body of Mary Anne Louisa Fox

31 July 1856

From the effects of peurus arric ?? deceased on the 21st ult causing effusion on the brain.

Deposition of Witness

Mary Anne Fox

I am the mother of the deceased who was aged about 22 months. That my husband left home on the 21st to go to the Green Hills where he had been working for some months. The deceased was quite well up to that day, but in the afternoon about 2 o clock I went out to a neighbouring tent on business and left the deceased at the door of my tent with a biscuit in her hand. I had only reached the tent when I heard the cry of the deceased – but I then thought it was the fowl that had taken her biscuit. but saw after I heard her scream again. When I ran back and found the deceased outside the tent door with her clothes all on fire up to her waist. She was burnt on the arms side and leg. I took her to Dr Bunce on Thursday last. Who gave me a mixture for her but the child died on Thursday 31. When I saw the child’s clothes on fire I cried out for help and I put out the fames and I ran with her to my sisters tent. Mrs Carter heard my cried for help and came to me whilst I was in my sisters tent. I did not take her to any medical man before Thursday last.

Deposition of Witness

Elizabeth Perkins

On Monday 21st Mrs Fox mother of the deceased brought the deceased to my tent with the clothes of one side all burned. aI saw the arm side and leg of the deceased which were partially burnt but the arm more than the rest. She dressed the burns with oil in my tent and then deceased lingered until last Thursday last when she died. I heard of the deceased on last Monday week. At first I thought that the mother was beating it but when I heard Mrs Fox scream I came out of my tent and saw her bringing the deceased in her arms down towards my tent. Mrs Carter another neighbour came into my tent immediately after and saw the deceased being dressed with oil

Mrs Perkins

2 August before George Clendinning 

Richard Bunce

On Thursday last about five o’clock Mrs Fox the last witness brought the deceased child to me stating that she had been burned ten days before. She appeared much alarmed about the child. I found the deceased insensible with dilated pupils. Cold ? cheeks. Pulse ? and small with slight convulsions from time to time. I then believed that the child was dying from affusion on the brain. I gave her medicine etc