VPRS 24/PO 1855/74

Unit 30

Item 74

Unknown infant female

Unknown child born alive and buried in a Hole


James Stewart MD

Child was not washed. Cord was cut quite close to the abdomen, so close that it would not be possible to tie it in the usual manner necessary.

The child measures about 20” in length and 7lbs in weight.

I am of the opinion that the child was born alive and had reached full time and has been dead from some 2 – 4 days.


James Wallis

Clearing out the Holes prepared for sinking posts around the wooden house now occupied by Mr Jackson on this township deponent fond a bundle of coloured calico (an old dress). On opening which deponent found another envelope of white calico through which he could see and feel that it contained the body of an infant. When deponent sent his brother in the Camp to inform the police of the fact. The total depth of the Hole in which the child was found was about 16” – 18”  and there was about 3-4” of loose dirt ove the body.

Edward Wallis

Ditto to above, and a constable returned with the deponent and to the charge of the body of the child