VPRS 24/P0

Unit 38

Item 149

25 November 1856

On body of unknown female

The deceased was found buried in the bush but was “still born”

Henry Glenny – constable

25 Nov 1856

On Sunday evening last being on my duty I met two men who informed me that hey saw a man by a small hole on the Golden Point ranges near the quartz reef and they suspected e was concealing property or a dead body. We then went to the place and I got a shovel and cleared over the earth and found the box and the deceased in it about two feet and a half feet from the surface. I left the box and body of deceased in charge of the two men and came and reported the case to the camp. I was then ordered to return and bring the body in the Camp which I ?/ did. The name of the man who saw the person digging the hole was William McCrae the house I went up with the men was about quarter to ten o’clock pm. Wm McCrae told me that he did not know the man who buried the body and that he would not know him again.

Henry Glenny