The name Dark, spelt variously as Darke, Darques, and d’Arques, occurs in many documents. William d’Arques (Count Guillaume de Talou), son of the Duke of Normandy Richard II (996-1026) built the castle at Arques, Normandy, France, shortly after 1037. The first mention of the DARK surname in England is William of Arques (d’Arques) listed in the Domesday Book (under ‘W’). He held the great barony of Folkestone from Odo, Bishop of Bayeaux, also possessing estates in Suffolk and Yorkshire. These estates descended to Matilda, his daughter who married Ruallon d’Avranches. The estates were lost but later recovered by William d’Arques who is said to be natural son of King Richard II, Duke of Normandy. Robert Dark held estates in Warwickshire in 1221, while Richard Dark held estates in Somerset in 1229. Over the next few centuries the Dark family flourished. In North America, kinsmen of the Dark surname included William Dark who, when he was 58 years of age, with his wife Alice and sons John and Samuel arrived in Philadephia in 1680. Across the seas, in Britain, others were prominent in music: Professor Harold Edwin Darke, Royal College of Music; Samuel Darke and Arundel Darke (the latter being the first woman to lead the Queen’s Hall Orchestra). The Dark surname has continued to be prominent in politics and other pursuits.

Thomas Rowe DARK was born 2 June 1833 in Northam, Devon, England. Martha Jane HARMAN was born in 1835 in Kilkenny, Ireland.  Thomas and Martha married on 15 September 1851 at Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia.

The reason for Thomas Dark’s name being Thomas Rowe DARK? HIS PARENTS! Samuel DARK born 2 December 1802 Alwington, Devon, England and his wife Anne ROWE born 1833.



Samuel DARK’s parents were: Richard DARK born 15 December 1761 Alwington, Devon, England. Richard DARK was married to Elizabeth PASSMORE.

Richard DARK’s parents were: Samuel DARK born 1726 and Elisabeth.

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