Notre Dame Church, Vire Normandy France

According to his marriage certificate, Julien Hardy was born at Mon Joie, near Vire, Normandy, France  in 1831. 

His parents were recorded as Julien HARDY, carpenter, and Jean-Marie Panton?

By 1851 Julien was listed as a ‘stone dresser’ among those in the Parish of the Vale, on the island of Guernsey. Living at number 23 Hache are Joseph Durel, head of family, an agricultural labourer and his wife Elizabeth Durel, both aged 41 years. Joseph H Durel 8 years, and John Dural 7 years were their sons. Living with them were three boarders: Charles Ledien, aged 29 years, Daniel Nicolle, aged 24, and Julian [sic] Hardy aged 20 years. All were Granite stone dressers, and all were unmarried. At number 22 (Frequet) were the Le Poidevin’s, Peter, aged 56 and unmarried was a ‘Proprietor of Houses’ living with his two sisters, Rachel Le Poidevan aged 65, an Annuitant and Jane aged 67 years, ‘Employed at Home’.  At number 24 (Marette) were the Girard family of Thomas, 50 years, his wife Elisabeth 45 years and their seven children.

1851 Census Guernsey


Between 1851 and 1854 nothing is known. Julien then emigrated on the Secret arriving in Melbourne on 2 May 1854.

Ref: Shipping to Victoria; Argus 5 May 1854. Ref: sch 89/188t

There were other families of French descent on the Secret. Henry O’Gier for example, was born on the Channel Islands. Henry O’Gier b.20.5.1836 St. Sampson, Guernsey, son of John Peter O’Gier and Judith Renouf travelled to Australia with his father on the ship Secret. They departed Guernsey 2 February 1854 and arrived in Melbourne on 2 May 1854.

The clipper-brig Secret, Mr HILARY MARQUAND master, destined for Melbourne with passengers and a general cargo, is now ready for sea and awaiting a fair wind to take her departure. This snug, comfortable craft has been built expressly for the Australian trade. Her accommodations, considering the size of the vessel, are excellent. The owners have spared nothing that can contribute to the comfort and convenience of the passengers; and from the knowledge we have of her intelligent and affable commander, we feel assured that he will do everything within the compass of his power to promote the well-being of those under his care. The chief-officer, Mr OGILVIE, is an experienced mariner, who, we know, will not be backward in co-operating with his master towards rendering a long sea-voyage as little tedious as possible.

We append a list of the passengers: Helier Mahy, Julien Hardy, Abraham Le Page, Henry Ogier, Abraham Domaille, James Falla, John Le Gallez, Mrs. White and daughter, Mr. Etchells and sister, Mr Brewer, Miss Corbet, John P Ogier, Miss Le Page and brother, Mrs Le Patourel and son. The crew consists of the master, two mates, eight men and a boy.

Reference: The Comet, Monday January 30 1854


MARRIAGE OF JULIEN HARDY (to Sophia Burchardt)

August 14, 1858 Church of England, Parish church of St Johns Melbourne by licence (both signed the certificate)

Julien Hardy to Elizabeth Sophia Frances (widow since 1854)

Julien, born c1831 at Mon Joie, France.

Occupation-  mason 

Usual residence – Victoria Street North

Elizabeth Sophia France/Francis (widow since 1854) 2 children

Elizabeth, born c1828 at Basle, Switzerland.

Usual residence – Victoria Street North, Melbourne

Parents: Nicholas Gage Burchardt, banker and Elizabeth Leslin

Witnesses: Claude Pottee (sic) and Marie Petitjean


Julien Hardy, Frenchman and discoverer of gold


Discovered gold at Happy Valley late in 1854. According  to James Flett  The History of Gold Discovery in Victoria,  ”Julian(sic) Hardy and party, the official discoverers of gold at Happy Valley shared with the other two a reward of £500. The official date given for the discovery was May 1855. Julian Hardy and party- £166-13-4 for the discovery of gold.”

Ref: 1864  Report  of Board  appointed  to  consider applications for Rewards  for  the discovery of Goldfields. Parliamentary Papers, Vic, Vol 3 1864-1865


GOLD DISCOVERY, page 13, Wardy Yallock    £600

To be divided thus: Herbert   Swindells  £100  and  the  remaining  £500  to  be  equally  divided  between H.V. Smith, T. Kemp and J. Hardy. page 21, Friday 19 February 1864: H.V.Smith, Bloomers Gully, Linton’s; H. Swindells, Wardy Yallock; T. Kemp, Bloomers gully, Linton’s; J. Hardy, Happy Valley. Postponed  until Tuesday next at 2 o’clock. At this meeting reports from Argus June, July, Aug, Sep 1852 were read. page 24, Re claims by H V Smith, Thomas Kemp, H Swindells and Julian Hardy for four fields; “That these be deemed all one gold field.” page 29, bottom of page re claims by above; “That these be all deemed one gold field comes within the class B5.” page 32, Herbert Swindells examined (Mr. Lalor attended this meeting); page 33, re four men; It was resolved “That the reward to be granted in this case be apportioned  between the above claimants.”



Julien HARDY 11 November 1867, Ballarat

Age 34 years, Place of Birth- Normandy, France

Ref: VPRS  4396/2

A 728   Voll p78  no 205

A729 Vol15p42 no 205

A712 Vol  67/Q  11727

VPRS 4396/2  PRO duplicate film 2

Julien Hardy  Address-Ballarat  34 years

Born Vire, Normandy, France

Date of Certificate  11-11/1867

No of certificate- 42  Rec Book no 3 Page 78



Victorian Death Entry #09180

1875. This is recorded as JULIA HARDY Place of Birth- France  aged 44 years

Mother: Mary Jane Penton.      Father: Julian Hardy


Julien died at Ballarat aged 45 years. He was buried at the Ballarat New Cemetery on 19 May 1875, Grave A Sec1 Loc2   Church of England- Usual residence- Warrenheip  Occupation- mason There are 3 adults in this grave. ie. Grave CofE A Sec1 Loc2

Julien Hardy       19-5-1875; John Haughton   31-10-1877; Elizabeth Haughton 5-2-1903

The grave is located in the Ballarat New Cemetery. Go to Cof E.  Turn right. come back four rows. 5th grave in this row. No headstone.



13/149  HARDY, Julien

Melbourne Road, stonemason  17-5-1875 (Elizabeth Haughton and John Groat)

Will made on 29 March 1875 bequeathing all to Elizabeth TAYLOR, in the event of her death to her son John HOUGHTON [sic] and in the event of his death to his sister Emma HAUGHTON.

Address is given as Melbourne Road in the parish of Warrenheip, and occupation given as stonemason and mentions quarrying. (This is where Shady Acres caravan park is currently located – 1997) (Coleman Kinnane who married  Emma  Haughton lived here, so  we  can  presume  that  Emma  inherited  the quarry.)



John Charles HAUGHTON born 1859 Scotchman’s Lead, died 1877 #12712 aged 18 years. John Haughton is buried with Julien HARDY and Elizabeth HAUGHTON (nee TAYLOR). He is also named in the Will of Julien HARDY.

Angelina S HAUGHTON born 1860 Buninyong, died 1862 aged 2 years Bakery Hill

Emma HAUGHTON born 1865 Ballarat, died 17 December 1922. Emma married Coleman KINNANE. Emma is named in the Will of Julien HARDY.

Elizabeth HAUGHTON (nee TAYLOR) claimed maintenance against Julien HARDY for Emma HAUGHTON (Bungaree Courts – index card transcribed by Roy HUGGINS)

Sophia HARDY (nee BURCHARDT) claimed maintenance against Julien HARDY 22 December 1871 in the Ballarat East Courts.

The river Vire, at Vire near St Michel de Mon Joie