Unit 60 1858/13

Item 13

Susan Park

31 January 1858 at the Golden Point Hotel, Ballarat

Death took place on the 13th instant and was caused by suffocation from having accidentally fallen into a cesspool hole on same day and there are not any marks of violence on her person.

Coroner George Clendinning


John Bryce Kilpatrick

William Derwent?

Robert Deas

John Mulranie xxx

Thomas Rodger

Alexander Allen

James McLean

William Arnott

Alexander Airth

John Edgar

Renard Anderton

Edmond Consedine


Duncan Parke, miner of Ballarat

That the deponent Duncan Park on his oath saith as follows.

I am father to the deceased who was aged about two years and on yesterday about six o’clock pm the deceased was with me in the stables and returned into our tent with me where she was playing about as usual for some minutes. The deceased was not out of my sight five minutes when Mrs Arnott came and asked if Susan was in and I said no out. When I saw Mrs Arnott making her way towards the closet I went after her and saw the deceased lying on her back in the hole and all covered over except her fore head. I then caught hold of her arm and lifted her out. She was quite dead but I sent for a Doctor and Dr Hobson came and pronounced the deceased dead.

Duncan Park (signed)

Witness Ellen Arnott of Ballarat

The deponent Ellen Arnott etc.

I … of the deceased who was aged about two years – and an yesterday about sundown. My own little girl came to me and told me that the deceased had fallen into the water closet. I went immediately to Mr Park’s tent and asked of deceased not within and Mr Park said she was not.I then went to the closet and saw the deceased lying on her back and saw part of her face right hand . She didn’t move at all and Mr Park arrived then and he took out the deceased who appeared quite dead.

Ellen Arnott xxx (her mark)